We take pride in what we do,

we are determined to share

our love for pets through a business

Lovely Catahoula Puppies

Thanks for visiting our website, We are a dedicated family and have a passion for puppies, we pride in what we do and we are determined to share our love for pets through a business.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What makes us different from the rest of the pack? First I’d like to say that ALL pictures on our website are Lovely Catahoula Puppies and our offspring. We hope that you enjoy all of the pictures as you are reading through the content on this page. We hope the pictures would make the reading more fun.

Talk to anyone who has one of our Puppies and they will tell you that the extra time, love and care we put into hand-raising our Puppies is “priceless”. If you are looking for cheap you are not looking for quality.

And we care enough that we want our new families to be well informed too. We are very hands on with our Puppies from the time they are born until they are in your loving arms! Puppies look Cute on the outside, but inside they are lovable, soft, caring and easygoing. These dogs spread the good vibes wherever they go.

We have hand selected each parent for the best health and genetics with an awesome pedigree. Our puppies are healthy, vet checked and comes with a health guarantee for one year.

we have some of the best puppies you will find anywhere.

After purchasing one or more of the puppies for sale from us, we still have your back. It doesn’t mean that the whole deal ends there. If you have any questions regarding how to do a follow-up with your dog’s health, comments, testimonials, or anything you have in mind, we are available for you. Just give us a call and we’ll attend to you in an instant or as soon as we can. Medical issues such as their shots and other vaccinations have been covered. Deworming has been taken care of, too. You leave with a new pup that’s ready to be in his home once you have finished your dealing with us. There is no need to worry about anything else.

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