About Us

We have many years of experience providing loving dogs for family homes.

It is essential to us that all of our dogs leave for their new homes

happy and ready to be loved like they are with us. We raise healthy

puppies from healthy, well loved, happy parents. We have been breeding on a small scale for 8 years.

All of our dogs are part of our family and live with us. We keep our adults on heart-worm/flea medication year round.

Both our adult dogs and puppies eat a high quality dog/puppy

food. Our dogs spend their days playing, swimming, resting and living

life like pets and they are taken for a walk on a regular basis.

At Lovely Catahoula Puppies, we are passionate about our dogs. We love helping people find the perfect new addition for their families. We raised beautiful and healthy puppies and we are the first and the only ones in USA that raised first and second generation puppies for over 8 years now, our puppies makes excellent family dog with a fabulous temperament, well-behaved and easy to potty train.

All of our breeds are a result of breeding a purebred.. Our puppies have some of the highest intelligence levels of all the dog breeds. We are eager to please and have outstanding and healthy puppies. Most of our puppies are highly trainable and eager to please.

We have hand selected each parent for the best health and genetics with an awesome pedigree. Our puppies are healthy, vet checked and comes with a health guarantee for one year. we have some of the best puppies you will find anywhere.

After purchasing one or more of the puppies for sale from us, we still have your back. It doesn’t mean that the whole deal ends there. If you have any questions regarding how to do a follow-up with your dog’s health, comments, testimonials, or anything you have in mind, we are available for you. Just give us a call and we’ll attend to you in an instant or as soon as we can.

Medical issues such as their shots and other vaccinations have been covered. Deworming has been taken care of, too. You leave with a new pup that’s ready to be in his home once you have finished your dealing with us. There is no need to worry about anything else

Ready for a new member of the family?

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